How To & Installation Videos

Toden™ products accelerate DIY projects, check out these installation videos below. We are not changing how to hang the shelf, we're just minimizing the amount of work it takes to get the job done. Our shelves require less brackets and won't degrade over time whether its -40° or 98% humidity.

Let's Create Usable Spaces

Toden Industries provides the market leading modular shelving or workspace solution. The new way of creating organization in our everyday spaces features ease of installation, high load ratings, and truly recycled materials.

Extend Your Surface with Sleeves

Toden makes longer installations simple with the extension sleeve which mates surfaces together without the need of more tools. Extend your surface as far as you need.

Extend Existing Surface Installations

When you install a shelf or workspace, modifying that down the road can be timely and costly. With Toden products the transition to create more usable space is easy.

Different Options for Corner Installations

Toden offers modular surfaces with extreme versatility, even when it comes to corner installations. Here are the two main ways Toden products support corner installations and consider which one is best for your next workspace, closet, or shelving project.

Use the End Caps for Corner Installations

Corner installations of Toden surfaces can be sleeved into the Toden end cap, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic to any installation. When it comes to customization of a laundry room, office desk, or children's art table, Toden gets the job done faster and easier.

Cantilever Your Surface to Handle Corners

Toden's End Caps make corner installations easy with the ability to cantilever over brackets for that snug fit to any wall. If wiring or floor lamps are desired, simply mount the surface to the bracket for necessary room between the surface and the corner. Toden Industries provides the new looks into the shelving and workspaces of tomorrow.