About Us

Toden™ redefines work, storage, and organization with innovative, sustainable products in honor of a circular economy. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is at the core of everything we do, setting the new standard of recycled materials in modular products.

Next Generation Storage Solutions

Toden™ products incorporate the most advanced manufacturing processes available to revolutionize what's possible in shelving and storage solutions.

Modernizing Storage and Workspaces

Our modular products are impervious to humidity, highly resistant to chemicals, and incredibly rigid, providing true versatility. Toden™ products can be used independently or as part of a system, making them as customizable or as simple as your needs demand. Strong enough to hold anything, sleek enough to use in any room of your home.

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Create Functional Space

Consider it Legos for adults. Whether you're installing, customizing, removing, or transporting, our products are dynamic enough to support any change.

Infinitely Versatile

Whether it's small business, residential, or light industrial, we meet your needs. Strong enough for your garage and elegant enough for your home.

DIY Designed

Toden™ makes organization attainable for everyone. Our products cut like wood, are light for transportation, and all you need is a drill.

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Circular Economy

All Toden™ products are manufactured using recycled materials from the USA, making upcycled products which conserve finite resources. Toden™ products divert plastic from landfills and eliminate extraction of natural resources commonly found in traditional materials.

Shorter Supply Chains

Toden™ products are made in the USA and made in Canada which shortens supply chains and slashes carbon footprints commonly associated with other products that are reliant on global trade.

Sustainability and Impacts

Manufactured in North America

Toden™ designs its products, sources materials, and manufactures in North America. We're committed to supporting our homeland customers, our economy of skilled labor, and cleaning up our backyard at the same time.

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Commitment to Excellence

Our use of cutting-edge practices and materials results in Toden™ components that excel in their intended uses, guaranteeing customer satisfaction with our products.