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Double Row Closet Kit - 72"W x 16"D

Double Row Closet Kit - 72"W x 16"D

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Where It's Made

Made in USA & Canada

Toden products are Patent Pending and internationally protected under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Dimensions & Ratings

Surface load rating: 1,200 lbs.
Width: 72"
Depth: 16"
Height: 1"

Bracket load rating: 1,000 lbs.
Depth: 14"
Width: 3"
Height: 7"

Closet Rod Bracket Load Rating: 300 lbs. each
Supports Rod Diameters: 1 1/4" thru 1 5/16" with snap fit
(1" rod diameter requires a drilled hole and screw)
Depth: 3"
Width: 1"
Height: 5"

What's Included

2- 16" x 72" Surface
4 - 14" Brackets
4 - Closet rod brackets
8 - Twist pins
4 - End caps
1- Assembly tool

Recycled Materials

Bracket: 60% recycled content
Surface: 30% recycled content
Twist pin: 100% recycled content
Assembly tool: 100% recycled content


Toden's commitment to environmental sustainability through its products translates into tangible benefits for both customers and the planet. This product's impacts are:

457.0 water bottles used
186.7 liters less water
126.9 kg less CO2

Toden products are evaluated of their environmental impact, specifically using cradle-to-gate analysis and following ISO 14040/14044 standards. This approach is quite rigorous and considers the entire life cycle of the product, from raw material extraction (cradle) to the manufacturing process (gate).

Double closet kit provides 2 rows of shelves and closet rod brackets to construct a functional closet space for a bedroom, gear storage, laundry room, or mudroom with ease. Plus, the LED grooves ensure it's the 'lit-est' closet ever!

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Integrated LED Groove

Choose 3 different angle options in the integrated LED groove of Toden Surfaces. Mount LEDs more easily and create task lighting, brighten up your closet/pantry, or some added vibe.

Go the Distance

Toden surfaces can be used in a wide range of applications and we advise beginning with 48" spans between supports as a starting point. From there, a person can adjust their design to meet particular installation needs. Lastly surfaces can even extend past Toden brackets or supports by as much as 24" - cantilever without any worries about load ratings.

Time. Tools. Talent.

Toden brackets provide a design that is brimming with value added features and functions. Each of these design aspects is strategically focused on providing value to YOU, the consumer. Whether it be through expediting installation, minimizing tool requirements, or streamlining the installation processes. So grab that drill and hop to it!

Straight Shot Sleeves

Experience hassle-free installation with Toden brackets that offer easy access to fastener locations, allowing for seamless attachment to the framing with straight shot fastener sleeves.

Deeper Than You Think

The Toden 16" surface provides more capacity and maximizes the use of vertical space. The surface has versatility to handle any item, keeps things from hanging over the edge, and offers a stable platform; however you choose to use it.

If You Can Lift It. We Can Hold It.

When it comes to the load rating of Toden products, rest assured that we mean business. Our surface boasts a load rating of 1,200 lbs, providing you with a robust and reliable solution for your needs. Feel confident in your choice and let the strength of our products speak for themselves.

Legos for Adults

Upgrade your project experience with the Toden Twist Pin - described as 'Legos for adults' installation. Skip the need for top or bottom fasteners, forget holes to fill, and ditch the finishing touches. Achieve a a puncture-free surface installation with unmatched holding force and easy disassembly if your installation is more temporary.

T-slot Channels

Each 16-inch surface offers 2 T-Slots, this allows for infinite possibilities to arrange accessories anywhere along the surface, like the Toden closet rod or utility hook. Streamline your customization by taking the measuring and guess work out of the way while remaining versatile to accommodate future changing needs.

Cuts Like Wood

No need to be afraid of customizing a surface when you need to. Toden surfaces can be cut with an ordinary handsaw, making it easy to fit any need your space requires. Visit our video page for more information.

Personalize with Paint

Toden products are specifically designed to accept commonly used paints, allowing you to add your personal touch to your next project. Match a wall color or create some bold contrast, have some fun with it.

Made to Move

Toden products should be reused again and again, adapting for your evolving lifestyle needs. Designed for flexibility, Toden products can be easily removed, allowing you to make the most out of your purchase and adapt to any changes, whether it's relocation or remodeling.

Leave It in the Hills

Using forestry products and rare earth minerals to create workspace and storage solutions is a thing of the past. Toden installation kits reduce C02 emissions by 76% on average vs. traditional and antiquated building materials and processes. Let’s make positive impacts to the neighborhood and planet.

Simple Ways to Save

We must find ways to prioritize water conservation for daily sustainability. Consider using a Toden bracket, which saves 0.69 gallons per bracket compared to other options on the market. Additionally, by using fewer brackets for typical installations (2.5x less), even more water is saved for each project.

457 Recycled Bottles

This unique design allows for the repurposing of plastic bottles to enhance your living space in an environmentally-friendly manner.